District Attorney

As your District Attorney, I and my staff are committed to serving the citizens of Tallapoosa, Macon, Chambers, and Randolph Counties in the administration of justice by the enforcement of the criminal laws of the State of Alabama. In doing so, it is our duty to prosecute those who violate those laws and ensure that justice is done on behalf of crime victims.

The District Attorney's Office for Tallapoosa County is composed of two offices, one serving the east side of the county in Dadeville and one serving the west side of the county in Alexander City. Our responsibilities include the prosecution of criminal cases ranging from traffic violations to felony and capital cases. We also have special services units including victim services, restitution recovery, worthless checks, and child support recovery.


Tallapoosa County, AL

E. Paul Jones, District Attorney

Damon Lewis, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Alexander City Division

D. Jeremy Duerr, Assistant District Attorney
Raye Johnston, Secretary

Dadeville Division
Michael D. Weldon, Assistant District Attorney
Renee Sample, Secretary

Melody Baldwin, Assistant District Attorney
Child Support Division

Brett Newman, Investigator
Pretrial Diversion Program

 Debra Dunson, Victim Services Officer

 Rachel Cotney/Ann Goodwin
Special Services: Worthless Checks & Restitution Recovery

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