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Jail : Corrections Officer
Location: Dadeville , AL



Job Title: Corrections Officer

Department: Jail - Sheriff

Job Description Prepared: November 1999

Note: Statements included in this description are intended to reflect in general the duties and responsibilities of this job and are not to be interpreted as being all inclusive. The employee may be assigned other duties that are not specifically included.


Reports to: Sergeant - Corrections

Subordinate Staff: None

Other Internal Contacts: Other Department Employees

External Contacts: Circuit Clerk's Office; DHR: Other Jail Facilities; General Public; Circuit and District Judges Offices; Hospital; Attorneys;

Job Summary

Under the direction of the Sergeant, the employee books and releases inmates, completes records and enters data into department computer system. Assigns inmates to cells, ensures inmates receive meals and medication, ensures the security of inmates and performs cell checks as required. Transports inmates to court and other facilities. May provide court room security. May be required to perform additional duties in the absence of a supervisor.

Job Domains

A. Booking and Releasing

1. Searches incoming inmates.

2. Secures all personal property, bags and tags property and ensures inmates signs personal property list.

3. Completes Initial Medical Assessment sheet.

Completes Personal History Information sheet.

4. Ensures inmate is classed as an adult.

5. Completes arrest and offense tables and completes bond and fine screen.

6. Fingerprints and photographs inmate.

7. Locates inmate files and enters new information.

8. Determines appropriate cell to house inmate and enters information into computer.

9. Issues personnel items, bedding and uniform and obtains inmates signatures. 10. Obtains criminal history information and completes hold screen.

11. Dresses out inmate and takes to holding cell or to cell.

12. Evaluates physical condition and takes to medical holding cell, if required.

13. Runs criminal history checks prior to releasing inmate.

14. Contacts agencies that may have a hold on inmate.

15. Returns personal property and secures county issued property.

14. Completes bonds as required.

15. On misdemeanor bonds, verifies age and picture ID, ensures county residency.

16. Sets felony and misdemeanor bonds by schedule or obtains bond amount from Clerk's or Judge's office.

17. Contacts DHR for purge amount for child support information.

18. Accepts money orders for certain offenses.

19. Ensures inmates signs bond and releases inmate.

20. Ensures DUI inmates are picked up by another individual.

B. Health and Welfare and Security

1. Ensures inmates are fed according to schedule.

2. Wakes inmates and ensures they take showers.

3. Ensures inmates cleans up cells.

4. Accompanies inmates to library call.

5. Accompanies inmates to exercise yard.

6. Issues personal and hygiene supplies to inmates according to schedule.

7. Accepts laundry bags and forwards to laundry workers.

8. Performs hall checks every 15 to 30 minutes.

9. Counsels inmates as required.

10. Issues medication in the absence of the Nurse.

11. Distributes requests forms and processes request forms.

12. Supervises visitation.

13. Supervises attorney visits.

14. Performs random cell checks.

15. Performs random shakedowns, confiscates contraband.

16. Reassigns inmates to isolation cells as required.

17. Calls for backup if required to subdue inmates.

18. Supervises hall workers assigned to cleaning facilities.

19. Transports or accompanies Deputy Sheriff transporting inmates to court, medical and other correctional facilities.

20. Provides courtroom security.

21. Logs mail into department computer; distributes mail and confiscates contraband as required.

C. Supervisory Duties in the Absence of the Supervisor

1. Checks jail perimeter for unusual conditions.

2. Ensures all equipment is functioning and water is set at correct temperature.

Adjusts lift station controls as required.

3. Reviews completed paperwork and ensures it is maintained properly.

4. Checks deliveries.

5. Checks foods trays prior to distribution.

6. Makes shift decisions as required.

7. Checks utensils used in kitchen to ensure they are accounted for.

8. Performs required head counts.

9. Reviews and approves time sheets.

10. Passes on activity information to oncoming supervisor.

11. Communicates with inmate's families as required.

12. Finds replacements for absent shift workers.

13. Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

(* Can be acquired on the job)

1. Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, supervisors, general public, court personnel and prisoners in person, over the telephone and over two-way radio.

2. Writing skills to clearly and neatly complete routine forms, records and reports.

3. Reading skills to understand operator manuals, state and county law enforcement directives, procedures and instructions.

4. Math skills to perform arithmetic functions including prisoner account reconciliation, receipting procedures, distribution or moneys, etc.

5. Ability to handle all types of behaviors and remain level-headed in stressful situations.

6. Ability to work independently without supervision.

7. *Knowledge of first aid and CPR.

8. *Knowledge of department rules and regulations.

9. *Knowledge of modern approved principals, practices, and procedures of corrections and related laws and guidelines.

10. *Knowledge of disaster and emergency procedures.

11. Ability to conduct shake-down searches of cellblocks, seizing contraband and evidence as required.

12. Ability to subdue belligerent individuals.

13. *Knowledge of use of handcuffs, leg irons, waist chains, restraint chairs, etc.

14. *Knowledge of use and laws related to chemical defense sprays.

15 Ability to deal with individuals with a wide variety educational, racial, ethnic and social backgrounds.

16. Ability to remain calm and verbally defuse potentially dangerous situations.

Other Characteristics

1. Certified as a Correctional Officer or be willing and able to attend the appropriate classes

for successful completion.

2. Emotional stability to work in highly stressful and dangerous situations.

3. Ability to work overtime, holidays, weekends and during emergencies.

4. Ability to comply with departmental rules, regulations, and uniform standards.

5. Ability to attend professional school.

6. Ability to attend training seminars.

7. Ability to work rotating shifts.

Work Environment

The work environment involves high risks with exposure to potentially dangerous situations or unusual environmental stress which require a range of safety and other precautions, e.g., working at great heights under extreme outdoor weather conditions, subject to possible physical attack or mob conditions, or similar situations where conditions cannot be controlled.

Physical Demands

The work requires considerable and strenuous physical exertion such as frequent climbing of tall ladders, lifting heavy objects over 50 pounds, crouching or crawling in restricted areas, and defending oneself or others against physical attack.

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